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How to Report Spam Emails in Yahoo

Is it annoying you to receive a spam message in your Yahoo Mail? Do you know that you can report for such messages from its help desk? Well, it’s not that much difficult to perform this action. It will take just two to three minutes to report a spam message. So stop getting annoyed when you can easily get rid of this problem.

Yahoo Support is there to help you in such situations. You can even block such messages which are so simple when you try to do this. Their number is also available on the web so that you can directly reach them for your query. Follow the below mention steps to report the same.

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Mail Account by filling the email address and password.
  2. Once you reach its dashboard, Go to top left of inbox there you will find the option of Spam category. Click on it to check all such messages.
  3. Open any of the spam messages and click on its header by selecting more option in the menu.
  4. When the new window opens, copy the written text shown on screen in a notepad and save it.
  5. Go back to your spam messages and copy the written message and save it to your same notepad file.
  6. Go to Yahoo Report page and paste the header of the inappropriate message and contents of the message following by the captcha code entry.
  7. Click on Create request.

Congratulations! Your request for this report is successfully generated. Also, note to select all junk messages to mark as spam before reporting on Yahoo Inc. In case you need some more information or not satisfy with the given content then you can call at Yahoo support number, they are the highly experienced technician who will solve your problem within no time.